Processing unit APROVAG

Producers Association of the Gambia River Valley (APROVAG) was created in 1988 due to the declining support and the withdrawal of African Office for Development and Cooperation (OFADEC), in partnership with the Catholic Organization Canadian Development and Peace (OCCDP). The intervention APROVAG area is rural communities Missirah Dialacoto and Nétéboulou. APROVAG first wanted to address the concern of producers access to income through massive investment in banana cultivation.

After twenty years of banana cultivation, APROVAG turned resolutely towards the improvement of people's lives. This new policy option evidenced by the development of a three-year plan from 2011 to 2013 and APROVAG has set a mission:

  • Work to better involve young people, women and the elderly in the activities of economic and social development in rural areas.
  • Promote women's leadership through the banana processing.
  • Engaging with its members to improve the competitiveness of local banana and promoting organic bananas.
  • To unite the concerns of producers community type banana seen to expand its social base to better weigh on markets and influence policy.

To carry out its missions, APROVAG intends to rely on a network of traditional and new partners. With its 1,250 producers (matrices) grouped in 11 community EIGs and an area of about 250 hectares of banana APROVAG put on the market an average production of 3679 tonnes for the last five seasons (2005 to 2009).

The challenge is to improve productivity to achieve a marketable yield 60T/Ha, so it is a great potential for transformation component even if the prospect is selling for export with very remunerative prices, second choice for the domestic market at a lower cost could be transformed in the sense that the transformation brings more value and thus offer better prices. Today the amount converted into vinegar is 23.16%.

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