Diversification Of Cultures

A legitimate mitigate the significance of the (mono) banana cultivation and secure household incomes of producers (matrices) agricultural concern APROVAG was under ROPAD project to promote gardening. Thus, in all the 13 schemes, a plot of 1/4 ha for growing vegetables for the benefit of producing banana affiliated APROVAG is provided by GIE. 

This will to diversify production is more felt in the floods of 2003 and 2004 winters, where producers have seen all parcels along the river and the best soils completely engulfed by water.Henceforth, the gardening was an alternative size for a better use of floodplains, which was confirmed by a study commissioned by the ROPAD and on the technical and economic feasibility of gardening in the intervention APROVAG area.

However, despite these initiatives and the notorious craze, vegetable production has not been optimized due to problems related to the management, lack of training on the various techniques of gardening, access to inputs quality and irrigation.

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