Green Banana

The green banana is that banana produced with natural fertilizers (eg phosphogypsum or potamag among others which are natural fertilizer allowed in organic production) or only with manure or compost and maintained using organic pesticides or protection techniques such as the use of natural plants such as eucalyptus or neem.

For three years the APROVAG is in promoting ecological banana depends conventional bananas produced with synthetic chemical inputs to meet not only in order to protect the environment and the productive base (the ground) but also provide producers and producers the opportunity to have access to a larger share of the national and international market.

At national level, the superior quality of the ecological banana facilitate competition with large private producers of conventional bananas sitting better financially and have more material resources. The improved quality will also deal properly imported bananas from Côte d'Ivoire and the price is higher than the price of the Senegalese local banana. Sub-regional and international level, it will allow access to niches and / or high-end markets because of its healthy and ecological character.

The initiative to promote green banana by the Board of APROVAG, together with its base, is not to facilitate the supply of chemical fertilizers, and set up test plots to demonstrate the benefits of culture ecological. Membership is acquired and all producers have gradually accepted the conversion. Constraints to the promotion of organic banana are:

the supply of organic matter, whose price has almost doubled with the popularity of organic production, control of composting techniques (only producers demonstration plots have been trained so far), inadequate infrastructure for composting and access to natural or organic fertilizer.

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