Today, with a thousand members (1050), including 325 women (30%), over an area of ​​272 ha APROVAG consists of (13) EIG banana producers Producers of the Borough of Missirah in the vicinity of Gambia River and the borders of the national Park Niokolo Koba. distributed in the villages of Bady, Sankagne, Nguene, Koulary, Wassadou, Saal and Bantantinty. It sells 5,000 tonnes of bananas per year and supplies the markets of Dakar, Kaolack, Touba.

However, APROVAG is present in the villages for a joint management of natural resources. Protecting the environment is a cutting axis in policy development APROVAG insofar as the protection of the environment is essential for the sustainability of agriculture, the main activity engaged in by almost entire population of the district of the Missirah Currently APROVAG directs its production policy to organic farming to further mark its ambition to strive for sustainable agriculture and the survival of family farms.

The gradual abandonment of the conventional system has begun and producers are appropriate given the multiple benefits observed. For the functioning of the association are the GIE producers that support the whole by the payment of annual dues. With the Community system adopted from the establishment of the first perimeter producers have acquired the mentality to contribute to meet all their expenses and thus meet their needs for the smooth running of the association. This in fact has only been possible by structuring and strict distribution of roles at both the federation and groups.

As the principles of transparency and good governance were quickly introduced into the management and federation relations / group to establish and strengthen a relationship of trust and security. The federation comprises one General Assembly (GA) Federal thirteen (13) EIG consisting of 65 members, including 13 women all board members of each GIE On Federal Board (CA) consists of sixteen (16) members, including two (02) women elected by the GA From September (07) technical committees (Production, Marketing, Administration and Finance, Communication and entertainment, Environment, Women's Organization).

And technical team as the executive secretariat (an Executive Secretary, an Assistant Programs and accountant, responsible for marketing, sales agent, mechanic, drivers and guards) recruited by the Board of Directors; Each GIE comprises a general assembly composed of all members of the group which 1/3 are women; on board five (05) members, including a woman, elected by the General Assembly; D an executive committee appointed by the Board of Directors. This is the chief area.

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