Mutual savings and credit

History Mutual Savings and Credit Association of Producers of the Valley of the River Gambia (APROVAG MEC) was established August 5, 2001 by the members of this organization in accordance with the texts regulating mutual or cooperative savings and credit. It is approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance under TC3-number 03-00295 dated 14 May 2003. 

The clientele consists of men, women and legal persons engaged in income generating activities (agriculture, livestock production, trade, transport). Its members include producers of bananas that are the most numerous are the founding members. These producers are located in the beneficiary villages of irrigated valley of the River Gambia in Tambacounda. Since its inception, the MEC APROVAG has benefited from the support of the association. The latter found him a local, provided office equipment and a safe.

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