APROVAG: A successful model of NGOs in the political accountability of producer organizations in Senegal.

The APROVAG, association set up by OFADEC (African Agency for Development and Cooperation) as part of his plan to withdraw or outphasing in 1988, is a peasant organization that understood early that organizational development is essential to overcome before tackling the underlying problems for any organization that claims some longevity cap. This is why a policy of organizational strengthening and institutional development occupies a central place in the philosophy of the federation. 

Policy applied both at the level of member groups as the Federation for a harmony of organizational dynamics, shared values ​​of consensus and commitment to be a single entity or each member is recognized. Thus, the federation through empowerment and the establishment of democracy as a basic principle has managed to instill in force member groups to self-organize and self-management while improving through capacity building sessions. Added to this is a structure accepted by all members because supported by transparent elections are the legality of the mandate and the legitimacy of rulers.

This device is reinforced by the existence of rules whose essence comes from the base with a clear definition of roles and responsibilities and the management model. Which helped to shape the behavior of members and allow groups to make their merry way and deal with all the costs inherent to operations (operating expenses) and the survival of the institution (contribution) in appeasement. The organizational structure is strengthened in some villages by the existence of Reflect circles whose extension to another is gradually saw the need in the organizational domain.

The circles are a framework for thinking, information and communication to enhance the common wish to live and work together. It is this organizational base that allowed the federation also be still present on the scene. But the federation is also no slouch in the political organizational development. It is shaped over the years a reputation as an organization model is around a technical team, the Executive Secretariat, which together with the directors have to worry that maintaining the model while remaining in momentum of continuous improvement.

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