The product flow

Distribution of the sale of bananas APROVAG in the three main markets during the 2007-2008 campaign

Dakar is the main distribution site banana APROVAG. During the 2007-2008 season, 35.7% of the production was sold in Dakar which is closely followed by Kaolack with 21.3% of sales So alone, the markets of Dakar, Kaolack and Touba include 77% sales of bananas APROVAG Distribution of the sale of bananas APROVAG

between five major customers during the year 2007-2008

From the customer side, Lamarana Diallo, a client of Kaolack, came first with 15.1% of sales. Then comes Abdou FAYE based in Touba with 12.7% of sales, Nouhou Diallo based Rufisque with 7.4% of sales, Patrick DIONE, an intermediary who bought 7.2% of the banana APROVAG and Ibrahima based in Kaolack with 6.7% of salesDistribution of the sale of bananas APROVAG

between the six largest customers during the 2008-2009 campaign.

Thus, the first three traders that are Lamarana Diallo, Abdou Diallo FAYE and Nouhou alone have absorbed 35.1% of sales banana APROVAG during the 2007-2008 campaign. Regarding the current campaign, the results to set course (December 2008) show some changes in the map of distribution of banana APROVAG

Evolution trend of banana production APROVAG

In view of the trends is that the banana production is experiencing a period of high production in October in March and then fell between April and September. This development is strongly influenced by the winter which allows a good crop development and therefore an abundant production of bananas in both perimeters APROVAG than other banana producers between October and March. So until the end of March, demand far exceeds supply, and only rigorous sales management avoids the frustration of traders who can easily feel aggrieved if imbalance supply.To avoid frustration and customer loyalty, a new vision of the flow was generated by the sales department APROVAG for the 2008-2009 campaign.

Indeed, knowing the absorption capacity of each trader during the high production (October to March), provided that the estimated monthly harvests are known, each customer will receive a quota corresponding to its absorption capacity. The list of allowances will be prepared and published at various points where the customer banana APROVAG focuses. Thus, each client will know how to program their supply during the period of low production while knowing the tonnage to which he is entitled. This should allow a glimpse of a more serene 2009-2010 campaign period of high production. 

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