In 1976, in a context marked by recurrent that the Government of Senegal and the Canadian Government through the Office for Africa's Development and Cooperation (OFADEC) and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development droughts and Peace (D & P), were primarily interested in the development of rural areas in the region of Tambacounda.

OFADEC then assigned mission, "the release and rehabilitation of rural areas by introducing techniques and technologies at hand, and the establishment of appropriate structures for maximum productivity a full rural employment which establishes the local youth and harmonious development. " To avoid upsetting the balance sociocultural, OFADEC opted for community work to strengthen solidarity among the people while rewarding and safe.

This has resulted in a collective organization of work at the perimeters banana and equal revenue sharing. The program started in 1976 and Wassadou Bantantinty two traditional villages in the vicinity of the River Gambia, before spreading to villages such as Adiaf, Sankagne and thereafter Nguene and Saal, mainly villages inhabited by Fulani, Serer , cohabiting with a minority of Wolof and Diola cacomistle. This is from 1983 and 1984 that banana production has been an economic success for the people, and this empirically through a substantial investment in terms of financial material, human, and technical guidance trying to approach the producers.

It was in 1991 that the second disengagement plan, or the final shedding OFADEC was effective. It is only with the advent of Building Program Producer Organisations for Sustainable Agriculture ROPAD (after work awareness and a strong collaboration with the federal authorities) a financial audit of the federation was sponsored in 2002 and the federation has a vision through a five-year strategic plan 2005-2010.

The Building Program Producer Organisations for Sustainable Agriculture (ROPAD) is the result of a partnership between APROVAG Horizont3000 and whose overall objective was to contribute to the promotion of a sustainable and competitive agriculture



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